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Quality control for a packaging line

For its contract packaging line, and more specifically within the framework of manual bagging of parts according to a predefined list, the objective of the project is to use an automatic image recognition technique in order to verify the conformity of the contents before bagging.


Type of service

Artificial Intelligence Study

Duration of the project

6 months

The company

ADTP, economic and social enterprise at the service of the industry.

ADTP is a non-profit association whose history began in 1957 with SNR (NTN-SNR) and Téfal (SEB group) to provide supply chain solutions and assembly services. Gradually, it extended its services to industries and start-ups, and developed a multidisciplinary expertise in electronics, mechanics, logistics and mechatronics.


of the project

Type of service

Artificial Intelligence Study

Development of the project

This 6-month project includes several ½ days of services from our artificial intelligence expert, access to GPUs processors and a volume of storage adapted to the need within our MUST digital infrastructure.

A second phase of 3 more months is in progress.

Results and perspectives

A workstation is already in production at the ADTP site in Annemasse.
It was easy for the operators to get used to the system, which has enabled them to gain in comfort, assistance and peace of mind, with an improvement in working conditions, bagging quality and performance.
Indeed, the solution allows a better control of the bag content and a gain of more than a factor of four in performance by going from 90 to 20 seconds.
Other stations are currently being manufactured and beta tested at other sites. In addition, new functionalities are already being implemented.
A second phase of the project is underway to improve both the robustness and performance of the AI solution with the aim of industrialisation.

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