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The Strategic Committee of IDEFICS was held in June


The second strategic committee of IDEFICS was held on Tuesday June 22, 2021 at the Annecy Laboratory of Particle Physics (LAPP).

This committee brings together the IDEFICS project teams and local representatives from the industry and digital transition. Its purpose is to ensure that the IDEFICS offer fits into the local ecosystem and meets the needs of companies.

Building the IDEFICS project together

The purpose of the Strategic Committee is to present the results of the IDEFICS project and its future developments to local representatives of the industry and the digital transition community. These participants can react and give advice to the team members.

The Strategic Committee approach allows IDEFICS to ensure that its offer is in line with the needs of local manufacturers. This meeting offers a real oppportunity for discussion, and guides the project towards the best strategic choices.

The Strategic Committee that took place in June 2021 evaluated the initial results of IDEFICS and considered how companies could obtain information more easily about the opportunities offered by data processing and artificial intelligence.


The IDEFICS project

The IDEFICS project, financed thanks to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and the European fund FEDER, consists in creating a service to help manufacturers in their digital transition, espacially to meet the new challenges in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. The IDEFICS project aims to reinfirce the digital platform MUST and open it towards companies.

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