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IDEFICS in the Eco Savoie Mont Blanc magazine


The Eco Savoie Mont Blanc from 7 May 2021 has a page dedicated to IDEFICS.

In a column, Giovanni Lamanna, director of LAPP (Annecy Laboratory of Particle Physics) describes the genesis of the IDEFICS project and shows the importance of creating links between the world of research and companies.

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a bridge

The objective of IDEFICS is to create a bridge between the companies – to accompany them in their digital transition – and the LAPP (Annecy Laboratory of Particle Physics).

LAPP hosts the MUST platform, a computing and storage mesocenter. With IDEFICS, the MUST platform is made available to society.

Moreover, with a privileged territorial presence, the LAPP has developed strong partnerships with local authorities, the Listic computer science laboratory, the USMB and its Foundation. These organizations play a fundamental role as intermediaries with the ecosystem of SMEs and local companies.


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IDEFICS, digital transition for companies