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IDEFICS, a new service to help companies in their digital transition


The IDEFICS project, led by experts in computer science, is a service for companies and organisations.


Officially launched in 2019, with the help of many partners, IDEFICS is commited to help manufacturers achieve their potential thanks to new technologies.

Thanks to a team of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence experts, IDEFICS offers services and ressources to boost digital transition.

Training events will also be offered regularly so companies can improve their knowledge on data management.

Feel free to contact us to know how the IDEFICS project can help you!

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The IDEFICS project

The IDEFICS project, financed thanks to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and the European fund FEDER, consists in creating a service to help manufacturers in their digital transition, espacially to meet the new challenges in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. The IDEFICS project aims to reinfirce the digital platform MUST and open it towards companies.

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IDEFICS, digital transition for companies