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Seminar: Boost your business with advanced data processing (French only)

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Implementation approaches and concrete use cases of advanced data processing.


Start date

16 September 2021 12:00

Date de fin

16 June 2021 15:00

How can advanced data processing help your business? What role does artificial intelligence play in the digital transformation of companies? What are the methods and approaches implemented?

The aim of this seminar is to inform companies that would like to explore the possibilities of big data and artificial intelligence to boost their business.

The seminar will only be available in French.

Information and registration (in French only)
The objective of this meeting is multiple:
Provide an overview of existing methods and clarify key concepts of advanced data processing.
Present concrete cases of application of artificial intelligence for companies, and give tracks adapted to the problems of companies.
Detail an example of an artificial intelligence implementation, from the expression of the need to the production of the solution.


Kavé Salamatian
LISTIC Lecturer and researcher
Jérôme De Nomazy
Co-founder of the start-up fAIbrik
Florian Gaté
Co-founder of Sport Data Intelligence Data Scientist
Mikaël Jacquemont
IDEFICS Research Engineer


Kavé Salamatian

Introduction to Data Science

The description will be available soon!


Jérôme De Nomazy

Use cases of Artificial Intelligence for companies

Transform my business with artificial intelligence today

Artificial Intelligence is in the news every day, at the heart of ever more astonishing feats. Behind this somewhat opaque concept, however, are many transformations of companies. Based on concrete and real examples, we will detail what these technologies can bring (or not) today for companies, large or small. By illustrating the challenges that AI poses, we will see how everyone can or must adapt to a new mode of human-machine collaboration.


Florian Gaté

Implementation of advanced data processing solutions

How to integrate artificial intelligence: explanation of the process

While it is clear that the exploitation of data can lead to numerous performance improvements, the idea that we have of the concrete implementation of a solution using artificial intelligence remains vague. Through a concrete example, we will detail the development of an AI solution from the identification of the needs to its operational implementation.

IA Industries

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